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Martin Hatchuel: Articles

A selection of articles and stories I've recently written

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Putting the Knysna Oyster on its rightful plate

Commissioned by 34 South Restaurant, Knysna. Part entertainment, part conservation message, part company profile

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With a hundred men we can move a mountain

How an AirBnB host's love of her job made movie magic. And changed lives.

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Windsor House: Making accommodation magic in Tokai

An example of how I find the story in your company profile

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A better model for measuring welfare in wild animal sanctuaries

Co-authored with Greg Vogt, founder,Conservation Guardians

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No, cycling isn't the new golf

An example of the kind of in-depth article I'm able to research and write for the issues you're facing in your business. Also - something from back in the day: 2016, to be exact. 

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Post-fire rehabilitation - Featherbed Nature Reserve

For this article for a private nature reserve in Knysna, I combined my qualification in horticulture with my experience and my writing abilities. 

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Earlier stone age archaeology in Knysna

An article in the Knysna Museum series, 'Our Heritage in Stone'

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Pre-colonial people of the Knysna forests

Commissioned by the Knysna Museum. One of a number of articles in the series, 'Our Forestry Heritage'

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Slavery and labour in the Knysna forests in the 19th Century

In-depth long-form article prepared with original research at the Western Cape Archive. Part of the Knysna Museum's series 'Our Forestry Heritage'

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Natie and the Pumpkin Bumpkin

Stories for kids. For me, there's nothing funner than reading them aloud - except perhaps writing them. 

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A Miraculous Day at the Witsand Botel

Sometimes, there's nothing more important than a good ghost story around the campfire. And yes, I write them, too. (The stories - not the campfires.)

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