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What IS content anyway?

Content - in the web sense of the word - is any communication that you put onto your site.
I (Martin Hatchuel) specialise in writing text and creating presentations (like the one below, embedded here from my profile on SlideShare) - and I work with graphic designers, photographers and videographers when it comes to producing visual content. (See Springnest's Directory of Content Gurus).
My content portfolio includes:
  • Copy writing (I prefer to call it just plain 'writing.' I write. Creatively. I don't copy. But since the term is generally accepted...)
  • Web copy (ditto. Just 'writing')
  • Text that's optimised for search - but above all, text that's written for readers. (You want to be found, but you're human - and so are your readers - so most of all, you want to be understood, and your readers don't want to have to work too hard to work out what you're trying to say.)
  • Metadata (those 155 character introductions you see when you search on Google. You'd be amazed at how much you have to think to create a compelling sales pitch in just 155 characters. And how many people forget to write these things - leaving the search engine to pull text through from their sites. Sometimes with - how shall we say? - less that desireable effect.)
  • Site navigation (also known as the wire frame). I believe that you should build your site according to your content, and not create your content according to your site. Think about it. It makes a lot of sense - especially from the site user's point of view.
  • Strategy documents and other business writings
  • Souvenir books
  • Advertising copy (ADVERTISING WRITING!) (Ahem. Sorry. I didn't mean to shout. But - really?)
  • PowerPoint presentations (I write them and I design them)
  • Public relations material - media releases, newsletters, articles, blog posts
 So let's discuss your communications needs! 


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