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Personal Biographer

You have a story that ought to be told

"Almost everyone has a really, really great story to tell and are not aware of the fact that they have a great story to tell... Insane numbers of people have some fascinating thing in their lives, and because it's their life, they have no perspective on it, so they don't even realise it's fascinating." (author Malcolm Gladwell in conversation with Michael Lewis, 2013)

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Martin Hatchuel, writer, personal biographer

Let Martin Hatchuel, your personal biographer, tell your story - whether you want to:

  • Leave a legacy for your grandkids;
  • Teach others how you succeeded;
  • Record the process of developing a project or creating a business; or
  • Create a memoir of a memorable trip or sporting achievement; 

Beginning with interviews (by phone or online, or in one-on-one meetings), working through notes and records, and referencing any other sources you may have available, Martin will work your personal story, family history, or case study into a compelling tale - because storytelling is what he does best!

And once you're happy with the written word, he'll manage the process of putting your story onto paper - choosing and curating images, working with your designer (Jo Hugo - see below) to prepare the material for publication, and finally liaising with printers to deliver the final product in as few - or as many - copies as you want. 

  • Gallery images: the cover and a sample spread from a 42-page book produced for three pals who wanted a record of a memorable road trip. Weaving their personal notes and comments together with stories sourced from the places they visited en route, the book became a poignant reminder for all, and a meaningful gift for one member of the team when he emigrated overseas. (Text and layout: Martin Hatchuel. Photos: clients' own.)

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Fiona Smith, storyteller

  • A storyteller with international experience (fluent in English and French), Fiona has a passion for live storytelling, and also for writing personal stories for posterity.
  • Fiona writes imagined stories under the nome de plume, Yonna Kowalski.
  • Contact (mobile or Whatsapp): +27(0)79 999 9321

Jo Hugo, designer & genealogist 

  • Jo is available to work with Martin or Fiona - and you! - to design the layout of your story - whether you want to publish in pdf or print format
  • Perhaps you want to trace your family tree as part of your story? Jo is an experienced genealogist.
  • Visit or contact her via her site: designetc.co.za

Crashed and burned?

Have you failed magnificently, spectacularly, gloriously? Has one of your projects hit the deck so hard there's only one way to redeem it - and that's by telling everyone about it so that someone else can learn from your mistakes? Yes? Then give us a call, and let me write your story.

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