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Children's novel: Mamlambo

A young boy from the city falls in love with a rock art painting of a water spirit - and his love brings it to life.

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Mamlambo tells the story of a young boy who goes on a cycling holiday with his parents to a luxury tented camp in De Rust in the Klein Karoo. The only other child in the camp is the daughter of the cleaner - a descendant of the bushmen - who takes him adventuring in the veld, and shows him a painting of the water spirit, Mamlambo. He absolutely falls in love with the painting - it's more beautiful than anything he's ever seen - and his love brings her to life. 

Now the kids have to help Mamlambo back to her village under the waterfall. But when they get there, they're trapped by the Tokoloshe, who's imprisoned all the members of Mamlambo's family on the rock walls of the Klein Karoo. 

Can they escape and free the others before the evil one imprisons Mamlambo again?

  • Another tale for kids from 9 to 99!
  • This second children's novel from author Martin Hatchuel will be published in late 2022. The first - 'It's a Pity I didn't Bring any Swords' - continues to sell incredibly well.
  • Mamlambo will be edited by Mike Kantey of Watercourse - the same editor who worked on 'It's a Pity I didn't Bring any Swords.'

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