Why spend your cash on content?

Or: content is king. So why spend your cash on code?

Most people need specialist web masters to build their new sites (it's called coding). But coding’s time-consuming, so you could land up spending so much on setting up your site that you’re left with nothing to spend on the reason you needed the thing in the first place: to engage with your guests.

Most people who’ll visit your site don’t understand code, though, and don’t care a coder’s cuss about it, either. All they want are the facts - presented quickly and clearly. Although they do want them presented in an entertaining way, too - which means telling them a good story or two.

And this is quite natural, because stories’re human. As a human, you can engage with a story.

Who ever engaged with a fact?

So it makes sense to choose a free content management system that’s already been set up for you - and specifically set up for the tourism industry - (which is what Springnest is), and rather spend your cash on content (which is what Martin does).

And that’s exactly what our exciting collaboration offers you:

  • Springnest - for user-friendly web sites built for better bookings.
  • Martin Hatchuel - for user-friendly content that’s search-engine friendly, too.