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Talula: the Vivacity 20 that stars in ‘It’s a pity I didn’t bring any swords’

Posted on Tue July 6, 2021.

About Talula - the Vivacity 20 sailing yacht at the heart of Martin Hatchuel’s children’s novel, ‘It’s a pity I didn’t bring any swords’

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How did the wreck of the Fredheim get into the novel, ‘It’s a pity I didn’t bring any swords?’

Posted on Wed June 23, 2021.

The ship that caused an environmental disaster in the Knysna Heads in 1897 returns as a ghost in this modern-day adventure.

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New interpretive sign for the wreck of the Paquita

Posted on Thu June 3, 2021.

QR code links history in the field (well - in the sea!) to Knysna Museum

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'It's a pity I didn't bring any swords' and the wreck of the Seier

Posted on Fri April 23, 2021.

Why would a ghost ship smell?

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Did the Flying Dutchman haunt Bartolomeu Dias?

Posted on Mon April 5, 2021.

Did Dias meet van der Decken? We don’t exactly know. But we do have an idea that there might have been some communication between the two - as this ghoulishly lekker local adventure from Knysna-based author, Martin Hatchuel, will show.

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