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Knysna Destination Video - ITFF Africa 2020

Posted on Fri February 28, 2020.

Students enter Knysna destination video to ITFF Africa

MEDIA RELEASE: 28 February, 2020

The organiser of the International Tourism Film Festival Africa (ITFF), Caroline Ungersbock, has welcomed a video entered by two young Knysna-based filmmakers.

Rean (24) and his brother, Chant Messina (20), filmed, produced, and edited the 2-minute, 58-second video, and also wrote and performed original music for the project, which is now live on their YouTube channel, Hermit State.

Ms. Ungersbock said she was struck by the quality of the imagery and the storytelling in the video. 

“ITFF Africa is a platform for everyone who wants to show off their destinations, and these boys seem to have captured the essence of Knysna very well. 

“It’s the kind of video that makes you want to visit the place - and that’s exactly what ITFF aims to achieve.

“We believe that we need to grow and nurture young talent, and the International Film Festival is a great platform for that. We wish them all the best through the jury process.”

The video was funded by a grant from 34-South Restaurant at the Knysna Waterfront.

“We took a chance,” said 34-South’s co-owner, Charles van Tonder, “and gave the boys complete creative control. 

“We wanted to see how young people would interpret Knysna, and I have to say I believe that Chant and Raen have captured the two things that make this town unique: the Knysna forests, and our beaches, where there’s enormous space for everyone.”

The video is expected to garner excellent coverage for Knysna: besides a screening at  Africa Travel Week (during WTM Africa in Cape Town in April), all entries from South Africa will be screened on Brics TV - which has over 400 million viewers worldwide.


The filmmakers 

Raen Messina: "I am a 24 year old filmmaker living in Knysna. Most of my experience has come through freelance work. I am the owner of a YouTube channel named Hermit State, where I post original music videos and content. I am also in the process of making and releasing several short films. I am currently studying in George doing a 3 month skills program with iKasi Media." 

Chant Messina: "I am a 20 year old living in Knysna. I am an independent filmmaker, artist and musician and I enjoy travel, all art forms, and gardening."


DISCLOSURE: This project was proposed by Martin Hatchuel