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If there’s one thing our kids and grandkids and the Garden Route need, it’s a lekker adventure tale set in the Garden Route.

‘It’s a Pity I Didn’t Bring Any Swords.’ 

Weaving imagination around actual historic events, Martin's novel, 'It's a Pity I Didn't Bring Any Swords,' is a story about:

A water-crazy kid, his loyal dogs, and his friend Blueberry (the ghost of a sailor boy), who sail the spirit of a yacht out the Knysna Heads to search for Blueberry's lost grandpa - who was last seen aboard a ship that was found abandoned at Noetzie Beach 140 years ago. 

But then they have to battle the captain of the most famous ghost ship of all: the Flying Dutchman... 

Of course John Benn, Dias's caravel (the one in Mossel Bay), and the wrecks of the Paquita, the Seier, the Fredheim, and the Phoenix (previously the Ville Pierre), all make their appearances, too.

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